We make homemade Soy Candles in scents that you will love. If we don't have it listed on here we can usually get it.

For customers who would like refills on their previous purchases, please call to arrange pick up or drop of containers and they should be returned with 24-48 hrs. For our wax melts we can re-scent pucks so save your wax! Or try one of our diffuser blends to re-scent your own wax! Add 5-10 drops as needed.

We have created aromatherapy blends and also make custom blends to meet your needs.

Essential Oils come from all natural sources and carry a great therapeutic benefit through aromatherapy without the chemicals of fragrances.

There are many things that you cannot extract the fragrance from so fragrance oils are man made to replicate these scents. Most of our fragrances are made without phthalates which is one of the chemical compounds used to make fragrances.

We are proud to say that we order from distributors that are located here in Ontario and BC.