Essential Oils and Benefits


MORNING BLEND: Helps with clarity, positivity, focus and energy.

SLEEP BLEND: Helps with relaxationand calming of mind and body.

WELLNESS BLEND: Helps clear airways, fight infection, relieves cough.

SERENITY BLEND: Helps with anxiety, depression, spiritual healing.

SENSUAL BLEND: Sensuality, romance, feeling like one

MOON BLESSING BLEND: For balancing the strong energies from the moon cycles.

RELAX AND BREATH: For relaxation and calming, also helps clear airways.




LAVENDER: Very versatile and known for its calming and relaxation effects. Great for headaches, stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

GERANIUM: Balancing, refreshing and uplifting, great for balancing hormones, anxiety, helps counteract mood swings.

CHAMOMILE: Calming, soothing and comforting, great for relaxation, insomnia, stress related conditions and relieves muscular tension.

NEROLI: Best for treating psychological and emotional imbalances such as chronic anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insecurities, and shock.

JASMINE: Great for inspiring confidence and is a great anti-depressant. Also helps with indecision, and is a great aphrodisiac.

YLANG YLANG: Helps reduce high blood pressure, anxiety, anger, shock and fear, very calming, and helps with confidence and sensuality.

PEPPERMINT: Helps with clarity, focus, alertness, can alleviate feelings of inferiority and insecurity and deepen intuitive insight. Best used to help digestive issues.

SPEARMINT: A great mental stimulant, promotes metal clarity, helps with headaches, loosens and removes mucus, cools and reduces fevers.

CLOVE BUD: Stimulating, restorative, great for its warming abilities and warding off cold and flu.

CINNAMON: Excellent to ward off colds, flu and all airborne infections and contagious diseases. Also great for its warming abilities.

EUCALYPTUS: Decongestant, relives symptoms of cold and flu and other respiratory issues. Also great for relieving headaches and brain fog.

ROSEMARY: Very versatile and great for strengthening the mind, keeping mind clear and alert, relaxing muscles, relieving fluid retention, and helps prevent airborne infections.

CEDARWOOD: Great for strengthening energies, helps you discover your inner strength and courage, instil confidence, and relieves nervous tension.

PINE: Great for clearing phlegm from lungs and for sinusitis and all bronchial conditions. Also great for relieving fatigue and nervous exhaustion.

FRANKINCENSE: Great for meditation and spiritual healing, nervous tension, counteracts respiratory issues and is useful when treating colds, bronchitis, asthma, coughs and sore throats.

MYRRH: Inspires peace and tranquility great for meditation and spiritual healing as well as treating coughs and colds.

JUNIPER: Great for detoxifying environments, getting rid of negative energy, and creates a clear flow to the brain to aide in stress relief, intellectual fatigue and nervous tension.

PATCHOULI: Excellent for reducing stress and for alleviating depression and anxiety. Also great for grounding, centering and sensuality.

BLOOD ORANGE: Uplifting, joyful and warming, helping with anxiety, depression, optimism, also helps stimulate stagnant energies.

SWEET ORANGE: Uplifting, joyful and warming, helping with anxiety, depression, optimism, also helps stimulate stagnant energies.

KEY LIME: Refreshing, and uplifting, helps relieve fatigue, apathy and depression.

PINK GRAPEFRUIT: Refreshing and reviving, uplifting, cleansing and stimulating. Great anti-depressant, helps lift self esteem and promotes optimism.

BERGAMOT: Perfect for treating depression and anxiety, also Seasonal Affective Disorder and grief.