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For Ashley Nevils, founder of Guided Inspiration, the question always remained. Why must we sacrifice our own well-being for the love of beautiful candles? It was because of this question, this need, that Guided Inspiration was born, a company dedicated to producing natural soy candles and health-inspired products that leave you feeling, relaxed and aligned. 

For as long as she can remember, Nevils loved candles. But it wasn’t until a few too many that burned dark smoke in her home and left her with unpleasant headaches that she decided to indulge in her creative side and begin her own candle business from the ground up. Creating candles quickly led to creating other wellness products like essential oil rollers, bath bombs and soap. And now, five years later, Guided Inspiration is continuing to grow, becoming more than Nevils originally dreamed. Because when your business model is all about inspiring others, the possibilities really are endless.

Guided Inspiration’s all-natural soy blend candles are made in a number of tantalizing scents, including aromatherapy and custom blends. The essential oils used are naturally sourced and carry great therapeutic health benefits, free of any chemicals or artificial fragrances. Our scents are made without phthalates, a chemical compound used to make common fragrances. For us, finding cleaner alternatives to candles is always something we stand by. We are proud to create health-based products that promote wellbeing and vitality while also supporting local, with our distributors located in Ontario and British Columbia.

Thanks for stopping by! We are always happy to be a part of your daily life through our products, spreading a little love and (candle)light.


Guided Inspiration